Welcome to Mid-Atlas Accommodation for property sales, rentals and more.

Azrou's one stop shop for property sales, service provider management and investment in the middle Atlas mountains MOROCCO.

    Azrou from the East
    Azrou Medina and plateau forests
    Mid-Atlas Accommodation
    provide a personal completion conveyance service, we pride ourselves on being able to work with or represent each client individually through all stages of purchasing. Plus flexible guardianship and private management service packages.
    Entering Azrou Medina
    Entering Azrou medina.
    Our after sales services include
    * All renovation programming.
    *Tailor made private management.
    *Flexible tourist rental packages.
    Rentals internationally marketed
    to the independent Low-impact Eco tourism sector, maximising your ethical investment potential.

    Service provider’s: Got Hakim the master plaster in Our comprehensive portfolio listings include trustworthy and highly qualified proven professionals and craftsmen, available to transform any property speculation you choose into a viable reality, styled to your individual tastes for your future needs.
    Plus personally arranged after sales property management.

    Merchant visitors: Carpets from the loom Can source Moroccan produce and manufactures straight from our products placement catalogue,
    or we’ll locate your required items and Consign.
    Our translators can arrange all pricing negotiations and completion of all documentation for your export needs.

    Eco tourism services: Travel agents & Tour operators Licensed Lake fishing Mountain Hosting is not a 9 to 5
    we contractually manage local registered services, offering fully guided mountain excursions, transportation and a variety of accommodation to suit your
    ideal eco package
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    Responsible travel
    Mid-Atlas Accommodation work closely with regional sporting federations, associations and rural host communities, following all relevant international travel industry legislation, together investing in a common goal to promote Azrou and the middle Atlas Mountains as a premier fair trade low impact eco tourism destination to visit.

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